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Welcome to FCD Invest. It is an honor to have you here with us.

As the President of FCD Invest, building a Fancy Color Diamond Investment Company has proven to be the culmination of working with assets and finding that Natural Fancy Color Diamonds are among the rarest and most valuable of global commodities.

In today’s economy, diamonds have become a viable source of storing wealth and building tangible investments. Diamonds can be traded in any country for local currency backed by the global diamond index. Investment-quality fancy color diamonds are becoming increasingly rare and create strong value and liquidity in our client’s portfolios.

What makes natural Fancy Color Investment-Grade Diamonds so valuable is that they are a finite commodity. They began forming when our Earth was born and took millions, perhaps billions, of years to mature, then lay in waiting to be found. The more diamonds we mine, the less we have available. Within our lifetime, the last diamond will be unearthed and no new diamonds will be accessible.

Year after year, as we worked in other commodity markets, it was the Fancy Color Diamonds that continued to outperform all other investment markets. In response to this, FCD Invest was created to help real people become educated and invest, whether they are exploring diamonds as an investment for the first time, or for those who are seasoned investors ready to expand their portfolio to an asset that continues to outperform many other asset classes.


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