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FCRF 2023 Q4 Press Release

FCRF Diamond Data - All Categories

FCRF Data as of February 7, 2024

FCRF 2023 Q4 Press Release

FCDI Q4 2023 - The Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) announced the results of the Q4 2023 Fancy Color Diamond Index (FCDI).

FCRF: 2023 Showcases Impressive Growth in Fancy Color Diamonds, led by a 4% increase in Yellow Diamonds.

In 2023, the market for fancy color diamonds (FCD) demonstrated steady growth, with the average price increasing by 2.2%. Leading this growth were Fancy Yellow diamonds, which experienced the most significant annual rise. Vivid Yellow diamonds also had a notable increase, with their value rising by 4.3% over the year. Notably, Fancy Vivid Pink 1-carat diamonds underwent a remarkable surge in value, with a substantial increase of 12.0%.

Additionally, Fancy Intense Pink 1-carat experienced a substantial rise of 10.8%. Pink and Blue diamonds exhibited modest fluctuations while retaining their value. Despite some fluctuations, the Fancy and Intense grades contributed positively to the year’s overall growth. However, colorless diamonds, on average, depreciated this year by 16.5%.

Q4 2023

The fourth quarter of 2023 saw the continuation of this positive trend in the FCD market, with a slight increase of 0.1% in average prices. This increase, though modest, reflects the growing interest in fancy-color diamonds.

Over the last year, the Yellow category has shown significant growth, with an annual increase of 4.0%, mainly in the first three quarters. The Vivid category led the annual growth with a 5.3% rise, underscoring its strong market performance throughout the year. The Yellow diamond segment saw varied performance across different sizes. The 8-carat Fancy Vivid Yellow category led the annual growth with an impressive 10.1% rise (0.7% in Q4), marking the highest increase within the Yellow category. The 1.5-carat Fancy Yellow decreased by 0.5% annually, as well as the Fancy Intense Yellow 8-carat category. 

Over the past year, Pink Diamonds have demonstrated consistent growth in the market. This category achieved an overall annual increase of 1.8%, (0.1% in the Q4) 

The Vivid category marked the most significant growth in pinks, both quarterly and annually, experiencing a substantial increase of 1.0% in the fourth quarter and an annual growth of 4.4%, leading the gains in this segment. Among specific sizes, the 1-carat Pink diamonds recorded the largest growth, with a 2.0% increase this quarter and an impressive 8.3% rise over the year. Conversely, the 5-carat Pink diamonds experienced the largest quarterly decrease of 0.5%, though they still achieved an overall annual increase of 1.7%, showcasing their enduring market strength.

Notably, three of the top annual climbers in the Pink diamond category were Fancy Vivid Pink 1-carat, with a remarkable 12.0% increase, Fancy Intense Pink 1-carat, with a 10.80% rise, and Fancy Vivid Pink in 1.5-carat, with a significant increase of 9.40%.

Over the last 12 months, the Blue Diamond category has managed to maintain a marginal growth of 0.1%, despite experiencing a slight decline in the fourth quarter of 2023 with a 0.2% decrease in average price. Within this category, the Vivid Blue segment showed a notable annual increase of 1.2%.

The standout performer in the Blue diamond category for the year was the Fancy Vivid Blue in the three-carat segment, which demonstrated an impressive annual growth of 3.5% and a quarterly increase of 0.4%. This strong performance highlights its significant demand and market strength. In contrast, the most significant decrease during the quarter was observed in the 1-carat Blue diamonds, while 3-carat Blue diamonds across all intensities showed no change in price, maintaining stability in the market.


Since the establishment of the Fancy Color Research Foundation, there has been a significant uptrend in all Fancy Color Diamonds, marking an impressive surge of 212.7%. Yellow diamonds experienced a notable increase of 59.1%, Pink diamonds exhibited a surge of 398.4% and Blue diamonds showed a substantial increase of 250%.


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