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Long-Term Investments

FCD Invest is an innovative company that provides qualified investors with the opportunity to become educated and purchase GIA-certified Fancy Color Diamonds as an investment based on our clients’ individual goals.

A key feature of our program is a custom-built investment fancy color diamond collection tailored to strategically respond to each client’s financial needs. We build and diversify collections in a way that strengthens the overall investment portfolio, based on research showing that Fancy Color Diamonds have outperformed the Dow Jones and S&P500 over long periods of time. We help our clients acquire individual investment quality diamonds for individual purchases and also build and manage the diamond portfolio as an investment vehicle.

Based on our global partnerships that do daily in-depth analyses of the market, we carefully hand-select the best fancy color diamonds with specific attributes that have the greatest investment-quality characteristics. We ensure the investment diamonds we select for our clients are Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Certified, have liquidity, and equal consumer demand. We inspect each potential diamond to ensure they meet our investment standards of having desired color, high clarity, sought-after cuts, ideal carat sizes, responsible or exceptional provenance, and beautiful saturation, among other qualities. Bank-level due diligence is performed on every diamond offered.

FCD Invest’s team offers the individual collector and their family unique advantages:

  • Extensive knowledge and experience to help begin and maintain collections

  • Exclusive opportunities to invest in Fancy Color Diamonds

  • Proper due diligence to secure your investment

  • Diamond certificate of ownership and authenticity

  • Support to build and maintain individual, family, syndicate, and corporate portfolios

  • Resources to enhance your understanding of diamonds as an investment

  • Diamonds as an investment asset and the personal benefits included in ownership

  • Opportunities to own rare diamonds only available to investors and collectors

When selecting the appropriate investment-grade diamond, several factors of primary importance should be taken into consideration. Among them are:

  • Budget of the buyer for guidance to the suitable type of diamond (rarity, liquidity, etc.)

  • Desired duration and purpose of investment

  • Investment-grade Fancy Color Diamonds become more precious and valuable over time

  • Buyer has the option of selecting investment-grade Fancy Color Diamonds with serial numbers

On behalf of its clients, FCD Invest performs professional due diligence to ensure that the diamonds are in fact viable for trade, properly documented, and of investment quality. President Rayah Levy, an established and well-respected International Investment Diamonds Specialist, works with a long-established and trusted team of experts to ensure every detail is correct and seamless.

FCD Invest offers investors a powerful and dynamic experience while investing in the diamond market.

We fuse experience and expertise to identify investment-grade diamonds that will strengthen your wealth and legacy. Our experts help you to invest in diamonds that are both valuable and a smart capitalizing choice.

Email us at and ask about engaging the professional services of FCD Invest to guide you into the remarkable world of investment-grade diamonds.

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