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About Rayah Levy - FCD Invest President


Founder, President

Due Diligence Expert | Fund Manager | Investment Diamonds Specialist

Diamond Club West Coast Board Member | World Diamond Federation Bourses Expert and Member | Get-Diamonds Board Member | Young Diamantaires Member

Rayah Levy is the President of FCD Invest and Fund Manager for UHNW individuals. She is a leading international due diligence expert, luxury investment assets and investment diamond specialist, art market expert, curator, diamonds market lecturer, and cultural conservator who has had the privilege of advising collectors and investors across the globe. Rayah is a Diamond Club West Coast Member, World Diamond Federation Bourses Member, Get-Diamonds Board Member, and Young Diamantaires Member. FCD Invest has offices in Mill Valley, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Atlanta, GA, New York, NY, and Internationally.

Her experience in due diligence in the commodities market has culminated in extensive knowledge and the ability to grasp the values in primary economic sectors. This contributes to her success in building diverse, investment-grade portfolios for individuals, institutions, investors, and collectors alike.

As an international Due Diligence expert, through the global network of banks, investment institutions, family offices, government, and cultural institutions, Levy has worked on reviewing, evaluating, and confirming the files for purchasing and selling commodities such as investment-grade Fancy Color Diamonds, rare gems, fine art, and antiques to ensure they are approved, marketable, certified and legally viable for trade. The due diligence is extensive to verify individuals, institutions, and court cases. She has been extensively sought after in the global market for her expertise.

Levy advises investors across the globe. With knowledge and an acute ability to grasp the value of collectible and investment-grade assets, Levy helps individuals, families, and institutional investors manage their diamond investments to ensure they are diverse and secure, and that their value is protected.

Investment Diamond Expert: Levy works closely with her team of accredited experts to find the rarest and highest quality investment-grade diamonds available privately within the client’s budget. FCD Invest only works with GIA Certified diamonds and thoroughly inspects the diamond’s color, saturation, provenance, cut, clarity, carat, and other characteristics on behalf of each investor. Not all Fancy Color Diamonds are investment-grade quality. FCD Invest’s dedicated team ensures that each selection is the highest investment quality diamond. Levy monitors the best purchase and sale options for each diamond on behalf of FCD Invest.


For more information on Rayah Levy, you may refer to her full profile on LinkedIn.


Rayah Levy, FCD Invest President

Due Diligence Expert | Fund Manager | Investment Diamonds Specialist

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