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What To Do After You’ve Purchased Investment-Grade Diamonds

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

This article is written with the assumption that our readers have experience in Investing with FCD Invest and are current investors - or have asked this question in hopes of becoming an investor.

Assuming you have gone through the process and are now the proud owner of a rare and glorious Fancy Color Diamond… what’s next?


FCD Invest facilitates storage and insurance for our clients to safeguard their investments with our database of trusted partners. There are many reasons why it’s important to insure your investment-grade diamonds, but the top reasons are to protect you financially in case anything happens to your diamonds including damage or theft, which will allow you to feel peace of mind. Financial recovery aside, having insurance on your diamond will help support your appraisal and maintain the worth and value of your investment. When looking for insurance, FCD Invest has a long-standing relationship with Lloyds of London, and there are other reputable companies that we offer to our clients based on their investment goals. FCD Invest assists in the appraisal process to properly insure your investment-grade diamond for the appropriate value.


Although you can absolutely wear and enjoy your investment-grade diamonds, it is important to note that diamonds are not indestructible. We recommend that all of our clients keep their investment diamonds in Malca Amit’s highly secured vaults. This option will ensure that your diamonds are guarded, accounted for at all times, and untouched in a climate-controlled environment to help maintain and secure the value of your investment. Scratches, scuffs, and a dull appearance will make your investment-grade diamond less appealing and valuable during an appraisal. To maintain its beauty and return on investment, our top priority is to protect and preserve, which is exactly what Malca Amit offers its clients.

Stay In the Know

Stay updated on diamond trends, news, and auction results to keep tabs on how much your investment has appreciated in value in its overall market. All of our clients have access to their diamond collections, documentation, valuations, viewing, inspection, and purchasing schedules, and we are excited to be rolling out our proprietary secured encrypted platform this year - 2023.

Hold Your Assets

Fancy Color Diamonds are a valuable and highly sought-after finite commodity. Each purchase ensures immediate equity, as our model is to find our clients the most sought-after diamonds for great prices. The longer diamonds are held, the more their value increases as we continue to capture different aspects of the Fancy Color Diamond markets. We recommend our clients to hold diamonds for a minimum of 5 years, but longer based on how much they want to maximize returns. We customize investment goals based on each investor's individual needs.

Loans against Diamonds

Diamonds are a wonderful asset to have if you ever need cash flow. We have helped many clients secure loans and lines of credit against their investment assets as a way to harness the value of their investment while it continues to appreciate in value.

Considering Selling?

If you decide it’s time to sell your diamond and the investment has remained in Malca Amit, the first step would be to request a re-verification with GIA or a GIA-certified Gemeologist we recommend from a reputable non-biased party that you can trust. Once you have your updated verification and current GIA documentation, FCD Invest can review the best options for the sale of your diamond. The sale of a diamond can take anywhere from one month to upwards of one year because there are many external factors that come into play such as current diamond trends, demands, mine closures, difficulty sourcing diamonds like yours, and other various market factors that FCD Invest would account for and maximize to get the best value for your diamonds upon closing.

If you would like to begin your investment journey with us and are curious about what the steps would be to begin, email us at


Please email FCD Invest at to discuss your personalized long-term investment strategy. For more information on Fancy Color Diamonds as an investment, please visit our Fancy Color Diamond informational page linked here.

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