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Investing with FCD Invest

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

FCD Invest is an innovative company that now provides qualified investors with the opportunity to purchase GIA-certified Fancy Colored Diamonds as an investment with the goal of increasing the value of their investment portfolio by buying and selling the diamonds on behalf of each client based on their goals. FCD Invest is passionate about investment education in successful performing commodities over both short and long periods of time. As experts in Due Diligence, FCD Invest works on behalf of its clients to maximize their investment experience, both with each ROI and up to date education.

In this graph, we see how the value of gold, platinum, art, colorless, and colored diamonds has evolved between 2007-2017, which illustrates how colored diamonds far surpass other investment assets consistently. (The results shown above are comprised of data accumulated from large auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie's)

FCD Invest provides a comprehensive analysis of the short and long-term investment potential and the optimal number of years you should hold your diamonds to maximize the return on your investment. We also create packages for end-of-year spending reports for tax benefits.

Our clients include:

LONG TIME COLLECTORS Who’ve found that investing in diamonds has, in many cases, been an asset that has consistently outperformed the stock market and has been a successful financial vehicle.


Who are also interested in diamonds as an investment for their own financial future.


  • Who love diamonds but haven’t thought of them as a solid investment and would like to learn how to get started.

  • Seasoned investors who are looking to expand their portfolio outside of traditional investments and are interested in diamonds because they are private property and are an easily transportable international currency.

  • Investors who need to authenticate investment-grade diamonds for purchase.


We have a special interest in helping military families in active service and our veterans get started in investing in the diamond market. We know that long-term investments are very important to military families and we can tailor specific programs to meet their needs. Recognizing the sacrifices servicemen and women make for our country, we offer military families preferred pricing to help make investing in diamonds a sound part of their investment strategy for short or long-term retirement planning or building an heirloom legacy.

If you are interested in purchasing or selling fancy color diamonds as an investment, please email Rayah Levy at to discuss your personalized long-term luxury investment asset strategy.

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