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2022 Financial Recap

Happy New Year, from FCD Invest

We are in our busiest season as clients restructure their financial strategies while looking ahead to 2023. After reviewing 2022, it’s clear that commodities outperformed all other investment markets. As reported by Bloomberg, commodities will be the best-performing asset class once again in 2023, handing investors returns of more than 40%, according to Goldman Sachs Group, even as supply shortages continue.

According to JP Morgan, investment markets look like they will close the year the way they spent most of it: volatile, fixated on central banks, and worried about a recession. This year, there was a lot of focus on inflation in the US and European markets. As stated by Yahoo Finance, 2022 has been a dismal year for investors across the board. While a number of factors have played a role in the bear market of 2022, skyrocketing inflation — the highest in over 40 years — and aggressively rising interest rates, have combined to drive share prices down in most sectors. Overall, the S&P 500 has posted a mild recovery since its bear market lows in mid-2022, when it fell more than 25% from its high.

Per Danielle Hale, chief economist via Forbes, after several years of an unambiguous sellers’ market, the 2023 housing market could feel more like nobody’s market. Overall, experts expect home sales to be dramatically lower, down 14.1% compared to 2022 as both buyers and sellers pull back from a housing market and economy in transition. For many potential first-time home buyers, home costs may exceed what’s possible with their budget and income. As fewer households jump to homeownership, increased rental demand could help keep rents moving higher. Nationwide, the median rent is projected to increase by 6.3% in price.

A strong job market will keep incomes growing at a faster than historically average pace (3.9%). Still, they will not exceed expected inflation (4.1%) which means that many households will continue to make tough budget tradeoffs. Intentions to raise wages have moderated and as job openings and the pace of job creation decline, this should also slow wage increases. The silver lining is that this economic slowdown will likely bring inflation under control, as predicted by Investopedia.

We are excited and committed to continue publishing education, sharing current news about Fancy Color Diamonds, and assisting clients to navigate Diamonds as a safe and reliable investment vehicle, which was proven once again in 2022 (below, a report generated on December 21, 2022, via FCRF):


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As we look toward 2023, we analyzed the consensus from the US Chamber of Commerce where they predict a mild but short recession and that congress will most likely not send recession relief to families, that businesses will absorb price increases instead of passing them onto consumers, that savings accumulated from the pandemic will be spent and no longer available, that the economy will continue facing staffing shortages across various industries as flexible work and alternative forms of income continue changing the economy, and that gas prices are expected to rise once again.

History demonstrates very clearly that rare, hard assets, of which investment-grade diamonds have no competition or peer, are one of the best ways to outperform inflation.


Please email FCD Invest at to discuss your personalized long-term investment strategy. For more information on Fancy Color Diamonds as an investment, please visit our Fancy Color Diamond informational page linked here.

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