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Rayah’s 2022 Vision and Goals

Happy 2022! It’s been a glorious holiday season here in CA with the much-needed rain, and we have moved into 2022 with strong new goals and a vision for our incredible community.

As you witnessed last year, Fancy Colored Diamonds were the top commodity for long-term investments generating a lot of buzz in the news regarding mine closures, record-breaking auction house sales, and upward trajectories on all reported quarters.

For more info, visit FCRF's website

Investments overall were a hot topic across headlines with the ever-changing landscape of investment options. NFT regulation debates raged across platforms, the rollout of Creator Coins received mixed reviews, external influence on stocks (such as GameStop and AMC) caused concern, real estate shifted to a seller’s market across the US, and a hefty majority of experts in a recent Bankrate survey said the stock market is overdue for a correction. While other investment and retirement accounts were uncertain, Fancy Color Diamonds provided little risk as a hard asset while consistently maintaining or increasing in value.

For more info, visit FCRF's website

We spent much of 2021 educating our readers on the unique investment opportunities Fancy Color Diamonds provide. We’re seeing more and more news and publications turning toward this hot commodity. 2022 will mark a shift in investment strategies, and diamond prices will begin to soar as inventory will continue to diminish.

Our main goal this year is to create even more educational content to help investors from all walks of life understand the importance of investing in strong commodities, such as Fancy Color Diamonds, to strengthen financial portfolios and long-term growth. We want our readers to learn about this investment option and to feel confident about their investment decisions, so we will be generating more content that compares other investment options against Fancy Color Diamonds.

Last year, the most evident misconception was based on diamonds overall. Investing in diamonds is not the same as the retail diamond market – colored diamonds are exceptionally rare. For every 1 carat of colored diamonds, 10,000 carats of white diamonds are mined. Of the production of colored diamonds mined, less than 1% of colored diamond production would be considered investment-grade.

Our secondary goal this year is to connect deeper with our community. Our main social media channels will still be LinkedIn where we post all of our blogs, announcements, and company updates, and Pinterest, where we post blogs, news, resources, external educational materials, and interesting diamonds to read about. In addition, we will post on our Instagram to include diamonds we love, blogs, quotes, diamond facts, investment updates, behind-the-scenes photos, and feature Rayah Levy (which, as you know, is me!). We invite our audience to follow us across social media platforms to get the most out of our educational efforts as our audience will enjoy different content across all channels. As part of our connection efforts, we would love to hear from you about what you do, the markets you serve, and your investment ambitions so we can be a connector when appropriate, or create content that you will find particularly helpful.

Wishing you a wonderful, healthy, peaceful, joyful, and abundant 2022!


Please email FCD Invest at to discuss your personalized long-term investment strategy. For more information on Fancy Colored Diamonds as an investment, please visit our Fancy Colored Diamond informational page linked here.

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