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Overlooked Treasure: Orange Diamonds

When talking about Fancy Color Diamonds, the most common colors that are mentioned are pink, blue, and yellow. A color that isn’t often discussed is orange. Why is that? Is an orange diamond the red-headed stepchild of diamonds? It shouldn’t be! There isn’t much data offered on the sales of orange diamonds because they are so incredibly rare! Orange diamonds are considered to be an anomaly. If you are a serious diamond collector, you absolutely must have an orange diamond in your collection. Orange hues are not as rare as other hues, but diamonds with orange as their main color are incredibly hard to come by and rarely graded by the GIA. It is because of this that they are considered to be even rarer than a red diamond - which is often cited as the rarest diamond color of all diamond colors.

What makes a diamond orange?

In order to be classified as a fancy color orange diamond, there needs to be a complete absence of brown as well as a minimal amount of yellow found within the stone. As discussed above, orange diamonds are rarer than red diamonds, which also makes them rarer than pinks, blues, and greens. There are a few reasons why orange diamonds don’t command as much attention as red diamonds. One main reason is that orange isn’t a primary color. Another reason is that orange as a color is very close to yellow, and yellow diamonds are not always considered to be high-end investment grade. When investors begin their diamond collections, they typically start with buzz-worthy colors because that’s what’s on the forefront of their minds - reds, blues, pinks, and greens. The solution is to simply bring more attention to these rare beauties. Similarly to red diamonds, their rarity means there is less sales data available as well as less gemological knowledge. What we do know is that most diamonds in the orange range are considered dark in tone and weak to moderate in saturation. Because orange as a color is a mix of red and yellow, natural orange diamonds range from brown-orange to yellow-orange, with most diamonds having a brown or brownish color appearance.

14.82-Carat Orange Diamond Sells For A World Record $35.5 Million

In 2013, an exceptionally rare 14.82 carats orange diamond, the largest known gem of its kind, fetched a record $35.5 million - more than double its pre-sale estimate - at an auction and set a world record price for an orange diamond. THE ORANGE, the largest fancy vivid orange diamond ever offered at an auction, sold for a whopping $35,540,612 at Christie's Geneva, setting a world record price per carat for any diamond sold at auction. Pure orange diamonds, also named "Fire diamonds" by famous gemologist Edwin Streeter in his book 'The Great Diamonds of the World' (1882), are exceptionally rare in nature. Among the very few fancy vivid orange diamonds that were ever sold at auction, the largest was less than 6 carats, making 'THE ORANGE' diamond the ultimate possession for diamond collectors.

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