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Fancy Color Diamond Fact Sheet

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

What factors are considered when determining a diamond's worth? It's the 4 C's:

Demand for precious Fancy Colored Diamonds continue to grow as supply dwindles, pushing prices higher. As economic data, markets and statistics have shown, Fancy Colored Diamonds remain the preferred choice for investment diamonds. While diamonds are a globally traded commodity, with diamond and diamond mining companies on NASDAQ and the S&P500, Fancy Colored Diamonds endure as one of, if not the rarest commodity in the global economic market. With the shifts of banking and investment banking practices, similarly to gold, Fancy Colored Diamonds will continue to become rarer, increase in value, and demand will increase as Fancy Colored Diamonds are used as a global and institutional form of currency.

If you are interested in purchasing or selling fancy color diamonds as an investment, please email Rayah Levy at to discuss your personalized long-term luxury investment asset strategy.

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